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My Spray Settings Are Way Off From Hobart Parameters

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  • My Spray Settings Are Way Off From Hobart Parameters

    Ok guys, I'm in need of guidance. I'm trying to dial my MM252 in better for spray and what I'm coming up with is waaaaay off from Hobart's HB-28 spec sheet's parameters.

    Hobart recommends:

    5/16" Material
    .035 HB-28
    25-26 volts
    420-510 ipm
    90/10 (C10)

    I'm coming up with:

    5/16" Material
    .035 HB-28
    27 volts
    550 ipm
    85/15 (C15)
    35 cfh

    My spatter levels are more than expected with spray and I'm not getting the smooth hiss/crackle. I'm getting a raspy sound. The molten droplets ARE smaller than the wire diameter and the bead looks good but, I would say what I'm getting is just North of globular. I realize that more CO2 would make my voltage setting increase a bit but, this is not the spray I was used to when I was in industry. We were using Dimension 652's and power was never a problem. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    If I use Hobart's parameters, I am definately squirting globular.
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    It's been 5 years since I ran mm252 and 85/15 with solid wire. <br />
    Now running mm350-p with dual shield and metal core Hobart wires. And switched to 90/10. <br />
    Not uncommon to be one to two volts over spec depending on machines. <br />
    What gas pressure are you running? <br />
    I'm running 35-40 lbs. at that voltage. <br />
    Another thought is ground cable, the oem ground is plenty light on 252. Also clamp is light. I put on heavier cable and now using strong hand clamp on ground there awesome. <br />
    In my experience that's why I upgraded to the MM350-P. <br />
    The 252 welded awesome up to 26 volt area but when I welded at 27 & up it just didn't perform for me. The MM350-P is defiantly a stronger Michine. <br />
    Switching to 90/10 may help a little but not a lot.


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      Im kinda getting the same vibe as you on performance over 27v. First thing that I did when I bought the machine was change out the sissy work lead to good 1/0 and a 300a Tweco clamp. I'm running 35cfh on the gas. My last run I settled on 29v and 410 ipm with better results but not ideal. I am of the same mind as you.......I was thinking about going to some Hobart Fabcor 86r .035 metal core wire and just go back to c25 gas.

      It's kinda inconsistant.......I go from getting a nice pinch on the wire with a fan of small droplets to a stream of droplets slightly smaller than the wire diameter. **** hobby
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        Miller recommends 98/2. Could be your 85/15 is a little heavy on the O2. 15% is considered the absolute upper limit for spray and may require higher voltage.

        If you've got it, try straight argon as a comparison test.
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          Thats a good idea duane. I may give it a go tomorrow. Hobart parameters are based on C10 and I was unsure if +5% CO2 would make that big of a difference with parameters.


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            Exactly what I experienced, inconsistent!! <br />
            It's not that it can't do it but it can't do it consistently!!!! Drove my crazy. <br />
            As for the MM350-P no comparison!! It will do it all day long!!! Very consistent at 27-29 volt range. If it wares out I'll pickup another one. <br />
            It's not a 652 but it's not a hobby machine either. Lol. <br />
            Hobart Fabcor 86R .45 is in my shop machine 75% of the time. <br />
            Hobart Fabcor 80-D2 is my choice when welding 4130 steels. <br />
            And Fabcor excel arc 71 Dual Shield for on road work and some in shop work.


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              gnforge, Yep.....I'm pullin my hair out! I think the Fabcor is my next best option for hi dep. Thanks for the help, guys.