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I got my Dynasty 300 dx back today....!!

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  • I got my Dynasty 300 dx back today....!!

    Well,I got my Dynasty 300 dx back today. I was a little concerned because there was no actual cause found for the problem. They replaced some of the LED segments and the "bus capacitors". The work order said the capacitors were replaced as a precaution because if they blew they could take out a board. I am happy that they took that action, but it concerns me that they did not find the problem that made it quit. The repair ended up costing $1055.00,and took a full 2 months
    But now to the good news, it works great. I have bought another brand tig welder to take the place of the Miller because I couldn't go 2 months without a tig in my shop. The replacement is a well regarded import (not a cheapy) rated at 200 amps. It performs really well. It does not have all the bells and whistles that the Dynasty has, but it starts easily and puts down a very stable arc.

    But it is not as nice as my Dynasty now that it is working right. I wonder if the DX ever was at 100% since I bought it. (I am second owner) I thought it was good before it developed the problem, but it is much better now.

    My test was using 1/4" aluminum lap joint. 150 amps, 75/25 balance,120 hz,3/16 tungsten,gas lens. My 200 amp machine did a credible job, something I would not be ashamed of, but a little on the rough side. My Dynasty using exactly the same settings on the same piece of material laid down a "stack of dimes" with a almost mirror finish. It makes me look like a welder! I wonder if the difference is the 300 amp machine sort of loping along at half capacity vs the 200 amp machine working nearer its max rating? Whatever it is,I am back in love with my Dynasty. I hope our "love affair can last.

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    The 300 is a nightmare for troubleshooting, more of a system of replacing parts till its fixed. so the original cause is forever an unknown with these.