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Tiging cast iron

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  • Tiging cast iron

    tig welding a crack in a web of cast iron pulley with silcon brass ,how do I set machine ? Lots experience tiging aluminum and steel first time for cast

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    Pulley I wouldn't touch it. It could come apart. What size pulley?...Bob
    Bob Wright


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      5" power steering


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        Is this some sort of hard to find part? <br />
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        But in general, I'd steer clear of tig welding anything cast iron. You can tig braze it. Without tempting you to try to repair this pulley though, I would suggest aluminum bronze as opposed to the silicon bronze on cast iron in a braze only. <br />
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        However, I know of a guy that did an O&A braze repair on a pulley for his lathe. He over built the part then turned it back down. Still holding as far as I know. <br />
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        But why not just replace it?


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          I used stainless for a drill press base, more flex before breaking than regular steel, not sure how the silica bronze works for flex but my drill press is still holding up.

          I set it to DC, some people prefer AC.
          if there's a welder, there's a way


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            With aluminum bronze I'd use AC.


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              Yeah, If your doing any aluminum type stuff, you should use AC, otherwise it will be tricky to beat the oxide layer.
              if there's a welder, there's a way


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                Originally posted by ryanjones2150 View Post
                With aluminum bronze I'd use AC.
                I agree..... for some applications using using Al-Bronze or Sil-Bronze....

                it is helpful to TIG on AC-HF..... to help "JIGGLE" the puddle and float impurities.....

                AC is not just reserved for Aluminum welding......

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                  And take your time with it. Let the cleaning action work for you, then flow in your braze filler metal. <br />
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                  Aluminum bronze has more stretch and I think it's a bit stronger, especially for the cast iron repairs.


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                    I've tig welded cast iron several times with good results. I used certanium cast iron rod. Most recently I tig welded some cast iron bases/floor mounts for restaurant tables. They turned out well.
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