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  • Starting Welding Rig

    3 friends and I want to build a welding rig. Does anyone have a tool list put together that they could copy/paste so I have a list of what we will need? We are looking at two Ranger 305s and a Power MIG 350MP for our welders. Thanx.

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    Uh, yer on the wrong forum then buddy....
    DYNASTY 350 w/Wireless pedal
    COOLMATE 3.5
    CK WF1
    MILLERMATIC 350P w/Bernard BTB300 w/XR-A Python 25'
    MULTIMATIC 200 w/Spoolmate 100 w/TIG w/Wireless pedal
    SPECTRUM 375 X-Treme
    (2) DIGITAL ELITE helmets
    Weld-Mask goggles/hood
    OPTREL e684 helmet
    SMITH torches
    HARRIS torches


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      soooo, your building a deck. I think just because your asking here, it might be best to buy one and a 3/4 or 1 ton chassis to stick it on.


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        Yea unless you got a lot of spare time (and money), just get one ready-made and have it installed. If you need a welding rig, you need to get out there and make money asap. You don't need a project to start on, then get stuck half-way when you could be out there working and making $$$.
        HTP Invertig221 D.V. Water-cooled
        HTP Pro Pulse 300 MIG
        HTP Pro Pulse 200 MIG x2
        HTP Pro Pulse 220 MTS
        HTP Inverarc 200 TLP water cooled
        HTP Microcut 875SC


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          The only thing we are really "building" is the torch bottle holders, etc. I was just wanting a cheat sheet tool list to make it easier when we go to stock the tool boxes. I got one partially from the welding school and the rest from my old boss. He wants us to make it work so I can eventually buy his shop and he can retire lol