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Miller AEAD 200LE no welding output

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  • Miller AEAD 200LE no welding output

    We have a 1989 model "Legend" S/N:JK722778. It was welding fine, guys stopped to move material, went back to weld and no arc, just a small spark. The machine will still idle up when you try to strike an arc, just not enough power to burn a rod. The power while welding outlet is only showing 40-44 volts at welding speed. Spark does not change at the rod at any power position. Thinking about sending it to the shop, but several of the shops around here just want to sell you a new machine, and not look into anything. Any suggestions would be helpful.

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    Do you have 115 volt outlet power? Not an expert by any means, but I would start by checking the brushes. Manual may tell you how long they should be. With welder off make sure they are firmly pressed against the slip rings by the springs and are free to slide in their holders. Also check all connections you can see.