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Oxyaccetalyne pipe welding

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  • Oxyaccetalyne pipe welding

    I was wonder how hard is it to oxy-weld PIPE? Reason I'm asking is I'm possibly going to ta take a test for the GAS company soon and was wondering what are some of the techniques of any of you guys that have tried this type of welding. How much different is it from TIG welding pipe, or is it a totally different process? So far I have stick welded and tig welded but my instructor said it would take some practice. Any feedback would be great.

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    It is not substantially different than welding anything else with O/A. Depending on the pipe wall thickness, it just takes longer to get a puddle than it would with TIG. I rmember as a kid watching my Dad's crew hot-tap high-pressure mains by O/A welding a saddle on the pipe for the Muellr tapper, but that was in the '50's. I'd have thought they would have moved up from that process today? Guess you can let me know if you get the job!

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      I was in a plumber and pipefitter class and the was the first type of welding that I learned. It is similar to tig except the heat isnt as controlled. Make sure you keyhole on the rootpass and multipass. It just takes practice. Goodluck.