Hello, hoping someone can shed some light on my problem with my machine, I bought a used miller sd180 about 6 months ago and it has been sitting in my garage and I finally got around to getting it hooked up had to run service to the garage to use it, I bought a new pedal (profax) and a new tig torch and ground cable and clamp and fired it up and went to run tig on mild steel just some scrap to see how it did and when you hit the pedal it starts an arch but no or low amperage is all you get not enough to melt metal display says around 7 to 10 amps max no matter how much you have the amp dial turned up. switch it to ac to try on aluminum and still the same thing. switched to stick and hit the pedal still with the tig torch and hit the pedal and blew a hole through the metal set a 180 amps and on 1/8 inch material. seems to have plenty of power in stich mode just none in tig. I did some reading on here and come across some similar problems and checked my machine the same. first I checked the point gap and even pulled the points and cleaned them and reinstalled and gaped and tried again and still the same thing, I ohm the pedal and it was good up and down, I checked voltage going in and 240 AC, ohm the 14 pin connector and wiring to the main board and still good un plugged all the connectors and installed, checked for 24vdc from pin A to G and had 23.98 Vdc, checked for 10vdc from pin C to D and had 36mv no matter were I had the amp dial set. I have been leading towards a bad main board but wanted to see if any on had any other ideas before I screw up and do the wrong thing any help would be much appreciated. forgot to mention the first 2 letters of the SN are LC. I can add the rest later