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Miller Syncrowave 200 PC1 Control board //or// Hall Sensor?

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  • Miller Syncrowave 200 PC1 Control board //or// Hall Sensor?

    SN: MB07011**

    Miller Syncrowave 200
    Single Phase 240v

    NEW TO ME as of 1st of July 2016, worked fine when I tested it before bringing it home.


    AC TIG welding with remote foot pedal results in blowing a hole into the work piece randomly during a bead. Also with just a torch switch results with blowing a hole into the work piece.

    HF works 99% of the time, however when starting an arc, if the arc does not immediately jump, the machine will produce max power and blow a hole into the work piece 100% of the time.

    I tested the foot pedal and found a faulty pot in the foot pedal believing this was my fault. I then connected the torch switch, SPST on/off
    I have not cleaned the HF points or set them as of yet.

    100% Argon with %2 or Pure tungsten will result in the same. It does not matter what I use, results are the same. Mainly happens when machine is cold after a 10-15 warm up the machine stops blowing holes into the work piece.

    However I noticed when AC aluminum welding I can set the amps to 60 and the display will fluctuate with the actual arc intensity power [will not hold steady amperage while welding], will go down to 15 back up to 30~ ect.. and the arc noticeably follows reducing and increasing in intensity, I think this would r
    ule out the hall sensor since the machine has feed back to the controller and corresponds with the display.

    Anyone have a layout or schematic of this particular board? I will take it apart tonight and check the traces and look for cold joints any other advice or suggestions on where to look or troubleshoot this machine? I am decent with electronics however I do not have a scope, but fairly capable with a multi-meter and can read schematics/diagrams.

    I have a quote for PC1 repair from:

    Industrial Electronics ~215.00 <90 Day warranty
    PLC is 25$ evaluation cost without commitment on repair, unknown repair cost estimate. 2 year warranty
    waiting on Applied Equipment to get me a quote back.

    Below are the suspected faulty parts listed in the posted diagram.

    39 . . . HD1 . . 231 275 . . TRANSDUCER, CURRENT 200A RMS 600A PK +/− 15V

    Sorry if I left anything out, just trying to start the thread and get some help troubleshooting this machine. Please ask if something is not clear or need more information!


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    I cleaned the HF points and set them to .008 seems to be more stable now. However here is a video of me DC tig with 44Amps to show the amperage fluctuations. I called miller service and the service rep told me the machine should follow my set amperage very close.

    As you can see with this DC MIG test, the amperage does not follow closely at the set 44 Amps. Ranges from 18-33 amps consistently, I have the same results with AC TIG as well.

    DC TEST:

    AC TEST:
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