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  • Miller bluestar 6000

    I have a blue star 6000 with a gx390 Honda engine. I am trying to put it back together with a new motor. When they took it apart they did not mark the wires on the motor or between the motor and the generator. The unit is so old the wires do not have any color on them now. I have a book on the Honda but it only gives colors. Looking for any help. Thanks

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    Is this an electric start or pull start machine? Do you have the welder manual? Look up the manual at this link if you don't have it.
    Find replacement parts and receive detailed answers to your questions by downloading owner's manuals for your Miller products.

    If you don't get a hit by serial number on the left side of the page, search by name on the right side. Please post your serial number.

    Look like there are not many wires to figure out, so that's a plus.
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      This is a electric start. I have looked at the manual on line but none seem to match my machine. The numbers on the pc board are lb-24 and 198449. The wires are numbered 11 and 12 coming off the board. The Honda gx390 has two coils under the fly wheel. One has one wire and I assume this is to charge the battery and the other has two wires. I think they may have hooked to the two wires numbered 11 and 12 coming out of the generator housing which go to the pc board. the marking on the pc board where 11 and 12 go to look like it says w1 and w2 maybe. Thanks for any help.


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        Now that I look at the diagram again in the manual it does show w1 and w2 to go to the coil on the gx390. I guess they call this a lamp coil.


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          Making any progress?