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  • Welding Area Lighting

    What is the best light source type for welding areas. My question relates to the use of auto darkening hoods. Is one lighting source more compatible with the function of auto darkening hoods than another. By source I mean: incandescent vs halogen vs fluorescent. Any other tidbits of lighting advice will be appreciated.

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    Any light will do. The hood will darken depending on sensitivity, so if the area is super bright, turn it down. The type of light in terms of light bulb I doubt makes a big difference. And if you like it, lab white with tons of light, do your self a favor and get a helmet with X mode where it registers the electromagnetic field from the arc and that's what makes it darken, independent on light.
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      Just swapped out fluorescent 4' lights with LED's way brighter and cheaper to run. Had to remove the ballast from the fixtures but the lights work great. And as to how they affect the welding hood they don't. In my shop we've got 2 Jackson, and 3 Miller auto darkening hoods. It's all about setting the sensitivity of the hood.


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        I've swapped to some LED lights as well. Not all LED bulbs require removal of the ballast, so just pay attention to what you buy.