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  • Gas stops flowing

    Hi all. I was using our shops Diversion 180 w/auto-line TIG welder. Everything was working just fine. Had to change the gas bottle and when I went back to welding, the gas flow stopped after about 10 seconds without turning the switch off. I held a paper towel up and turned the welder on so the gas would blow it around a little and sure enough, after about 10 seconds the flow stopped. That was with the finger trigger so I hooked up the foot pedal and the same thing happened. I switched over to alum. mode and the same thing happened. The regulator is one with two guages if that matters. Any thoughts? Thanks

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    Sounds odd. Did you blow the bottle out before attaching the regulator? Maybe something in the regulator? Can you try another regulator? Seems like a very unlikely coincidence that something failed at exactly the same time you changed the bottle.


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      Blew the bottle out. Tried a different regulator. Turned the machine on and off to try and reset anything that might have changed. It is odd that's for sure. I'm going to try it again this morning but I doubt anything has changed.


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        Not familiar with the diversion so I can't be much help. I'd give Miller a call. They are very helpful. 920-734-9821