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Miller Fab gloves, some years later.

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  • Miller Fab gloves, some years later.

    These days it's not often we get to brag about how a certain item, whether it be jeans or a welder, impresses upon us a high level of quality and value (read that as cheap enough that a welder will still buy it). Usually our purchases are educated guesses about what our chances are that 'such and such' item will last long enough to justify the money we are about to spend on it, and then we hope we're right as we click the "buy now" button. Anyways, I wanted to bring a little good news, my Miller gloves are worn out. Ok, while not exactly good news in itself, but consider this. This pair of gloves is one of the first batch Miller produced, 7 or 8 years ago, and when I got a bunch of various 'new at the time' Miller gloves, I liked this set of fab gloves so much that I took them out of my welding truck and kept them at my home shop, where I use them as a hobbiest. They've been through small jobs coming through the door, things like vehicle frames, various repairs, off-road bumpers, etc. pretty much just the routine stuff a hobbiest sees at home. I've not abused them nor have I babied them and today I noticed that I'm finally starting to wear through the leather in the fingers and palms. Up here they go for about $30 a pair, .... $30 over 7 years? Yeah, I'd say they've given me good value.

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    A little duct tape and you'll get a couple more years out of em.