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Hypertherm 088096 Powermax 30 AIR

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    Originally posted by Aeronca41 View Post
    They are on Harris's website for $1210 this morning.
    The 30XP is, but not the 30AIR.
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      Originally posted by OscarJr View Post
      The 30XP is, but not the 30AIR.
      Good catch! Thanks.


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        I had it. I think it is awesome, however, it is a bit difficult for newbies.


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          The Powermax30 AIR is a great machine and one of the only true 30 amp machines I would buy with a built in compressor. Is there a reason you're buying a machine with a built in compressor? You get a lot more bang for your buck with just a regular plasma cutter. For the amount you pay, you could buy yourself a compressor as well.

          Hypertherm as a brand has been great for me. I have a couple of their machines and have been very please with them. We do a lot of metal art work and the Powermax30 XP with the fine tip consumables works great for us. No problems and super happy with the performance. Our little 30amp hypertherm cuts the same as our cheaper 50 amp machines.
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