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  • Miller Bluestar 2e

    Is it possible to add a Tac, Amp and a Volt meter to a Miller Bluestar 2E if so, should I do it? Would it be helpful?

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    I'd say it's certainly possible but really don't see the benefits. For most of the time there have been welding machines, they didn't have meters - it's a comparatively recent development.


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      As far as the tach goes, I'd say pretty much any after market small engine tach/hour meter will work. It's pretty much a bolt on, modification free add-on.


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        A digital aftermarket engine tach is easy to install. It's just a sensor wire that wraps around your spark plug wire. Then ground the unit to a chassis bolt somewhere.
        Why do you need a digital amp/volt meter on this old welder? If you need more heat, turn the machine up. Less heat, turn the heat down. Doesn't get any simpler than that.
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