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Millermatic 30A on a 25, I need some direction on the settings for the SG settings

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  • Millermatic 30A on a 25, I need some direction on the settings for the SG settings

    I have a Miller 252 Serial Number ME380030N, I also have a 30A SG running .030 AL wire with straight Argon. Can someone enlighten me to what the settings need to be for this and what the settings mean? I'm going to be welding .080 3000 series Al sheets. The last time I was trying it on .0625 Al diamond plate and all I succeeded in doing was blowing holes in it. I've cleaned the burs off with a file and brushed the metal with a SS brush. is there a chart that get's you in the ballpark doing short arc and spray arc? What do the numbers on the bottom of the gun translate to? I'm opening for any and all info as this is new to me.
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    The MM252 has a chart to get you in the ball park.
    14g AL 4043 Wire .030
    Start at 20v/235 on wire speed.

    On the 30A the dial at the bottom the gun handle is to increase or decrease wire speed so you don't have to walk back to the machine BUT you still need to set it at the machine before you start.
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      If blowing holes thru the material it's likely your travel speed is too slow if voltage and WFS are correct or close to.

      You must move faster with aluminum MIG than you would with steel especially with the thinner material.
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