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Can anyone identify this engine driven welder?

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  • Can anyone identify this engine driven welder?

    Just joined here and was hoping someone could identify this welder. It has a 4cyl continental tmd27 diesel. Front plate is completely warn and its been painted a few times and can't read a serial number on it. I would like to order a new faceplate for it but I have no idea what model it is. Big 40? I don't know these machines well enough to identify.
    Thank you

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      Originally posted by Chris9790 View Post
      A better pic of the front panel sure would help


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        Serial number?...Bob
        Bob Wright


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          Can't read a s/n on it. Is there anywhere else on the welder besides the front panel where a serial number will be? When I get home from work I'll take another picture of the front panel


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            There should be more than one sn on it. Usually inside a cover or under the door...Bob
            Bob Wright


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              Thank you I'll check it over tonight


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                Trailblazer 44D?...Bob
                Bob Wright


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                  Looks like Big something 30, 40, 50 ?<br />
                  Probably 30,40 or 50 as its a 4 cyl. Lighter models were 3 cyc. <br />
                  Basic model. Guessing maybe mid 80's just a guess. Better picture would help. <br />
                  Left grab handle is rough setting and right round knob is fine setting. <br />
                  Mine is 1988 Big 40 D model with CV opt. and the left handle goes CW lower and CC higher setting total of 5 ranges. Right round knob is fine adjustment. CC to lower and CW to increase setting between rough setting