I'm looking for ideas on why the air compressor will not rev up to the 22 cfm setting and 26cfm settings.
It runs at 17cfm and I can turn the starter switch to from auto to run and get to 26cfm. (mine is the older style that only goes to 26 and not 31 cfm).
For those of you not familiar with the AirPak, the compressor switch has 4 settings: off, 17 cfm, 22cfm, 26 cfm.
17 cfm comes on at idle, 22 cfm position revs the engine to a higher rpm, and 26 cfm position is wide open.
It took me and a friend 2 hrs. to bolt the AirPak in service truck with hidden long threaded bolts and and lock nuts so I don't want to remove it if I can fix it my self.
You must remember all I can do is poke with my finger, wiggle things, and tap with a hammer.
So any ideas will be appreciated.

Thank you,
Bob Miller