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Best place to sell used equipment and pricing

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  • Best place to sell used equipment and pricing

    First time posting here.

    I have miller spectrum thunder plasma I'm looking to sell but I'm not sure its value or the best place to list it.

    Obviously craigslist is an option but I'd rather sell someone where to recoup more of my purchase price, am I off on this thought or ?

    Are there any Facebook groups or things like that?

    Also I can't seem to find any other used plasma cutters like it to get a base line price, where is a good place to look?

    Any insight is helpful, thanks

  • #2 has a "for sale" forum. Have a look.


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      Where are you located?


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        A two-stroke man, good; after you get your question answered, go over to the welding projects sub-forum and tell us about building expansion chambers, etc., etc..

        BTW, Aeronca41, how about telling us about welding on tube-and-rag puddle-jumpers (we don't have any FAA inspectors here, do we??).
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          Wow, you're taking me back. Last time I put any heat to 4130 was 1960-something. I got half decent at it with the OA torch-had a couple of good teachers in my dad and one of his A&P friends. Now that there's TIG, I guess far fewer people use gas anymore. Lots of great fixing and flying memories in the old Defender, Chief, T-craft, Champ, Fleet, and O-58B. But then, off to the service and a career direction to electronics/avionics and systems engineering. All those guys I worked with around airplanes are dead now. I guess that's what happens when you see 70 on the not-very-distant horizon yourself.


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            Originally posted by ryanjones2150 View Post
            Where are you located?
            I'm in bend, Oregon. Going to try Craigslist and see if I get any decent offers.

            Any idea what I should list it for?