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Can't make up my mind. HELP

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  • Can't make up my mind. HELP

    Going to start a portable welding buisness. Do I choose the trailblazer 325 or save some cash and go with the Lincoln 250. The 250 comes with a ln25 for around 3500$.

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    I'd guess you ment the Ranger 250. Low hours and properly tuned and with the feeder, thats a good deal. However, I never find that to be the case. Always wrong oil, end engines that won't preform well, cause the cams are chewed up. As well as, Very poor maintenance , usually beat to death. Tough call. Pretty much better off to buy new unless you know the previous owner. The equiv to the Miller 325 i the Linoln 305G Carb, or EFI


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      Yes ranger and ln25 are brand new. It is a deal central welding is putting on. What do you think of an enclosed trailer instead or the normal open trailer you usually see. A truck is not an option too much $$


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        What are you going to be welding .If you are looking to run bigger wire on heavy stuff you may run out of amps .Thats why I sold my bobcat and got a 325