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1995 miller big 40g tm20 engine.

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  • 1995 miller big 40g tm20 engine.

    Hi everyone.I have a big 40g that has been sitting for 10 years.I cleaned the tank and carb out and got it running.But the idle is surging with the choke off.When i pull the choke halfway out the idle smooths out.Any ideas on what i need to do to fix this?thx

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    You need to dump some STP carb clean into the fuel tank, , get some 3/16 and quarter inch rod, and burn a box of rod till its gone. Or load bank the machine. It'll have flaming chunks of carbon flying out the stack so do it with a fire extinguisher on hand.


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      You don't think it is a carb problem?


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        nope, I think its a Carbon problem. Been there done it, and like to load it at night, just for the fire works.


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          FWIW, if the above doesn't work, I'd get a "kit" for the carb before you take it completely apart. I'd get can of B12 injector cleaner from Advance and soak it in it overnight, then blow it out and put it back together. If it's running Ok with the choke part on, it's starving for fuel. My guess is the idle and/or main fuel circuit is part clogged. B12 is **** on o-rings and rubber, it'll totally dissolve varnish and such overnight. I'd use my tip cleaners for the torch to run through all the passages too.


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            What TheEquineFencer said although I use Berryman Chem-Dip from O'Reilly Auto followed by some time in the ultrasonic cleaner and thorough blowing out with compressed air before reassembling.
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