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Spot welds with TIG for less than 1 second?

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  • Spot welds with TIG for less than 1 second?

    Which Miller TIG machine can be preset for less than 1 second spot weld pulse, besides a Dynasty? I want a TIG machine specifically, but it needs to be able to spot weld down to about 0.2 second spot at 80-150 amps at times. I looked at the manual for the Dynasty 200 DX and it can do it, but I'd prefer to spend less. I don't plan to weld all the time. I may never need to exceed 160 amps. AC squarewave would be nice but is not necessary.

    Thanks in advance.

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    If you want Miller then the Maxstar may do it, it's basically the Dynasty without AC capability. Check the manual to know for sure. Otherwise for less $$ you'll have to go with another brand of inverter.
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