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Miller bluestar 1E restoration help

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  • Miller bluestar 1E restoration help

    Hello all

    When I first got into welding I picked up an old airco dip pak 200 and the fella had an old bluestar sitting also so long story short I picked up both welders for $800 with a couple tons of welding tables a scrap
    steel and lage bottle of gas

    So I have had the welder for many years had a set of 50' leads like new and it sat in the barn for 10 years fainly put the old girl in the shop took her down cleaned it out got it running runs great replaced the fine rheostat ( would not weld)now it's welding but seams to die under a load burned 3-4 sticks of 7018 about 150 amps on some scrap the idel board is suspected as the last prong on the board is broke off I hooked a jumper wire to the wire back to the board and was welding with it like that still seams to die

    My next problem is that I don't seam to be getting ac power qhen I set it to gen about 35 volts coming out of it seams to be plenty hot when welding not sure what to check for ac output problem any help would be great would be happy to email a pic of the board not so great at posting pics on a cell phone the welder is looking great would love it to also work great

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    Look down the page and find the thread I have on a blue star 2e it's all I can tell you.


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      Look up smokstak they have a old welder forum .


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        Sounds good thanks