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Miller 250dx board problems

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  • Miller 250dx board problems

    I've purchased a used 250dx low hour machine that has the board out. I've read that was a common problem, but there was an update to fix it. I have now come to discover through my local miller dealer the part is no longer available and no replacement. Basically the machine is obsolete.

    It is an LF model number machine and made in 2005 are there any other options to fox This machine?

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    All boards are available, however many have updated part numbers. So the older boards will be obsolete. Realistically these machines other than HF start haven't changed much at all over the many years of production.


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      I hope you are correct however two separate miller Repair facilities told me the part is obsolete and no update available. The number for the board is 203899 any help would be appreciated


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        Likely never had the board to begin with, as it was an option. Machine changed up the panels so the newer versions won't fit, and that is the reason for the obsolete status, now you f the main board went, that's not a problem


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          You've lost me? The board that is out is part number 203899


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            Because this board was merely an option, Miller won't carry it after a given time frame.
            Now if you have it and it's damaged, send it out for repair


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              Ok yes i do have it. You have any recommendations on who to use for repair?


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                Originally posted by Gotta12v View Post
                Ok yes i do have it. You have any recommendations on who to use for repair?
                You might try these guys


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