Not impressed with Miller welders one bit. Less than a year ago I purchased a new syncrowave 210 worked for about 3 weeks had to return it and didnt get it back for a month. Two and a half weeks ago I purchased a new Dynasty 210dx it worked for two weeks and had to return it also, so basically the same problem as I had with my syncrowave less than a year ago. When I called Miller and talk to the service tech and I asked him if this is a common problem with the Miller machines all he said was is we have problems and that's I have a job. Really??? That's the answer after you spend all them thousands of dollars. I believe the error code on a dynasty was 1.4 .3 something about input power. The guy asked me if I'm sure I have power to my receptacle my answer was yes because when I plugged in my Lincoln welder at worked...... the only person that acted like he wanted to help is the guy at Roberts Oxygen when I called him said that they would get it out immediately when I bring it in, Great!!!!!!!A machine that's two weeks old I'm going to have a service tech in there with screwdrivers and electrical testers unacceptable a machine that is that new should go back to the factory and they should send me a brand new one no questions asked. Last week I was considering buying a new 252mig from Miller not considering that this week probably go back to red. I guess the lesson to be learned here would be buyer beware.. I would have to say after all the service work that needs to be done they do work good... two welders less than a year both have the same problem unacceptable!!!!!