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Bought a new to me Airco Dip/Stick 160 multiprocess welder

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  • I tried to help you with that issue like 10 pages ago.


    • That was awhile ago Ryan I don't remember and that was for a different machine


      • Originally posted by Hondacivic247 View Post
        That was awhile ago Ryan I don't remember and that was for a different machine
        For heavens sake.....!!!!

        if you suffer from some organic problem that prevents you from moving back 10 pages... to read info already given...

        Then.... why don't you toodle down to the LWS and invest $1.50 in a MIG Calculator....???

        In addition.... spend a little time in the resources section... studying the basics....

        It might help you to curb the tendency to ask repetitive question that had already been answered

        You might also take the time to READ the owners manual.... link previously posted

        Originally posted by H80N View Post

        Here is the link to download your 255xt manual

        PLS READ & Understand it....!!!.

        A lot of knowlegable people have volunteered their time to help you.... and you behave like a clown and mock them
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        • When they say a welder and do 1/4 steel in a single pass how much penetration do they refer to?

          Burning half way into 1/4 or all the way through ?

          I watched a few videos on understanding wire speed so I screwed around with mine until I got it in a good spot were the weld didn't look over cooked by the amps and looked to have good penetration with the voltage. Tmrw I'll go get some steel and test it and cut a weld to see how it looks for penetration.

          The burn back feature is very nice I set it at .5 and it burns the wire back to about a 1/4 stick out.

          Still haven't tried the stich function on any of my machines but I may be building anothet ballast box for my ford garden tractor, and I'll be using that function. The first ballast box i built was with 1/8 6011 and 7018 rods on a buzz box it works but I would like to make one that looks better


          • I picked up some scrap 3/16 wall square tubing to use as legs for my small welding table as before I had a wooden frame with 2 pieces of 1/4 cold rolled steel plate as the top. I'm going to tack the 2 plates together and square up the legs and weld them on and get some casters to make it mobile. I also want to get something to make a small shelf underneath to set some stuff on.

            This will be my first project with the new welder. I'll post some pictures up as soon as I start some progress