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miller dailarc 250 pedal q's

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  • miller dailarc 250 pedal q's

    Hey all

    I need some help here I have a nice working dailarc 250 hf with a oddball Miller pedal would like to see if I can convert this pedal model # rfc-3A to work as a rfc-23a is this an option it looks like the same setup inside just need the hf to come on with the pedal.This pedal only has one 3 prong plug I have the 2 prong plug just has a jump wire.I called miller and had little help.Any help would be awsome as the pedal only controls the amps no start or stop

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    The 3A is for a SRH stick welder, the 23A is for yours. the 23A has a internal micro switch,
    to start the process once the pedal is pressed. Having the 2 wire receptacle jumped is rather dangerous, as the HF may kill you, or someone else if the torch is left unprotected.


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      First thing is the torch need keep protected.


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        I called miller and they said this pedal will work with the dailarc 250 I have had 2 welders and sold the other pedal with the hf-p.I asked the miller tech several times if this I the right pedal and said it was just won't give me full remote.when I used the foot pedal for this welder I turned it to remote start and noticed the hf was on all the time.shut it down and have not used it sence.My main question is can I add the micro switch to the rfc-3A from the rfc-23A I have a manual on the foot pedals and they look to be the same other then the micro switch components

        thanks for that info on the hf I received the welder setup like that and immediately thought something was wrong with the setup when the hf was staying on all the time here is a part number I ordered the switch for the rfc-23a we will see how it works
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          I got it all switched over to the rfc-23A configuration and working great went down to the lws and the tech down their was a real nice guy.All I needed was the switch and now it works as it should $20.00 for the switch part number 011 628. And some 14ga wire the holes were already in place just had to get a couple screws