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My First TIG Bead!

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  • My First TIG Bead!

    I had bought a Miller Econotig about two weeks ago. GREAT price! Last week, I used my 210 to build it a welding cart. As all it had when bought was the stick stinger, I had to order torch and stuff. All that came in, and tonight, I ran my first TIG bead. It was clumsy, and the mistakes were obvious.
    -Welded 3/8" steel. Not 'sposed to weld more than 1/4".
    -Didn't let the initial puddle heat enough.
    -Let up too fast on the end.

    But, heck, it was my first bead, with no help except YouTube.

    TIG ROCKS! Way neater than MIG. Neater than torch.

    When I get back from my road trip, I test the stick functions.

    I don't need to find myself. I'm always at my lathe.

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    Welcome to the world of awesome.


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      Ahh the TIG machine, master of the metal universe
      DYNASTY 350 w/Wireless pedal
      COOLMATE 3.5
      CK WF1
      MILLERMATIC 350P w/Bernard BTB300 w/XR-A Python 25'
      MULTIMATIC 200 w/Spoolmate 100 w/TIG w/Wireless pedal
      SPECTRUM 375 X-Treme
      (2) DIGITAL ELITE helmets
      Weld-Mask goggles/hood
      OPTREL e684 helmet
      SMITH torches
      HARRIS torches