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miller spoolgun + suitcase extreme 8vs compatible?

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  • miller spoolgun + suitcase extreme 8vs compatible?

    Hey y'all I have a Miller Trailblazer 301g ac/dc cc/cv machine as a power source and also an 8vs suitcase. Sometimes I get little projects welding thin aluminum and would like to get a spool gun. I found one on Craig's list for $150 and wanted to know if it's compatible with the 8vs and my tb301g. I've been using 3/32 4043 stick electrodes but sometimes have problems with welding stuff less than 1/8" thick. I have a mini bottle of 100% argon already. Just wondering if it would work with the 8vs being powered by my machine. If anyone has experience I'd appreciate your insight. I do mobile welding so having a dedicated machine isn't in my cards yet until I open up a shop. Thanks in advance!

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    Well, you didn't mention the model of spool gun. However none will work on a VS feeder


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      Thanks for the reply cruiser. I did some digging in the older posts and found the information I needed.