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dynasty 210 dx fan won't stop running

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  • dynasty 210 dx fan won't stop running

    I just got a new dynasty 210 dx. When I turn it on after a minute or two the fan comes on and just keeps running,even without welding anything .to me that just doesn't seem right. Can anyone tell me if that should happen or not.i also have a syncrowave 210 and it's only a year old with fan on demand but it comes on when I weld and goes off after it cools down .thanks for any help

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    After perusing the service manual, that fan runs at various speeds depending on the cooling requirement, so yes its on all the time.


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      I tried out mine for the first time last night. My fan comes on quiet after about 5 min of idle time, and runs for a minute or two, and then shuts off and repeats. It comes on louder if I weld, but shuts off again after a bit. Our 280dx at work seems to spend more time on. Maybe it depends on the ambient conditions?