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Miller Diversion 165 Burned IGBTs

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  • Miller Diversion 165 Burned IGBTs

    Long time welder, first time poster.. trying to diagnose these blown components. Diode and IGBT melted! I checked the GA200sa60 chips and they seem shorted as well. Does anyone have any information on how to check the board and other components of this machine? If I upgraded to the GA250 IGBTs would I gain duty cycle%? The info in the owner's manual is less than helpful. These replacement parts are expensive and i'd hate to blow up the new parts!

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    A diode tester can test for shorted IGBTs, but you need and IGBT tester to fully test them. The big question is there any damage to the pcb that drives the IGBTs? The service manual doesn't have much more information than the owner's manual.
    On a machine still in production Miller will give zero help on PCB repair. And in most cases a repair shop can buy a new pcb for just a little more than the cost to repair an old one. Now you need to make a decision. do you spend a lot of money fixing an old machine or spend a little more and get a new one with more ability's.
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