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    I bought a set of sk sockets a couple years ago...the quality had already been chinaized... I have some old sk sockets that were in my late father's box, they are high quality...the ones I bought a couple years ago are made with a much lower quality. Thanks Ryan. I'll check them out.
    blue stock,
    miller shopmaster 300, s22a feeder, s30 spool gun, hf251, arc pig
    miller maxstar 150 STL
    miller maxstar 210
    miller a bp 330
    non blue,
    Lincoln weldanpower 150 1982 model
    esab plasma
    Hobart ironman 210, spool gun
    victor oxy acy set
    thousands of snap on tools, 3 large boxes and tons of automotive equip.


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      Prayers offered.


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        Originally posted by Michael ray View Post

        That is awful and I am so sorry to hear that. You are absolutely right about everything else just being an annoyance.
        Not me. my friend had to hear it tho, not being a jerk but it just gets me a bit when people talk bad days.
        I hope they make good on your tool box.
        Some days you eat the bear. And some days the bear eats you.