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75% Argon, 25% Helium GMAW-S stainless?

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  • 75% Argon, 25% Helium GMAW-S stainless?

    I was talking to a fellow the other day who told me that at work they use a 75Ar / 25He blend on stainless with solid wire. I asked if he meant tri-mix but apparently not, and didn't know much more about the "why" of it all. In googling it, I'm finding very little mention of this and I always thought you needed a reactive element for stainless gmaw? Anyone else hear of this alternative? I have no reason to think that what he was saying isn't legit, only possible reason that I can come up with is that maybe it works fine but with the cost of helium these says, there's cheaper alternatives out there. Is this an older style of gas mix?