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What miller mig to get

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    211 works great. Haven't tested the duty cycle, but seen posts about it taking a beating like a champ. Don't regret it for a bit. Wouldn't hesitate to buy a 212 or a 252 if I ever needed a better duty cycle.
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      Originally posted by haha49 View Post
      Kms only sells the 222 not the 211 can't find q local place to get one big price jump as well I will only have 120 20amp service for a good while as well
      Not sure where you are but KMS regularly stocks the 211 and if not in stock they can get it quick enough. I saw one in the Kelowna store 2 days ago.

      You can run the 211 at 120VAC with a 20A service (20% duty cycle). 24ga to 3/16".

      I have the last version of the 211 before the new case change - very nice unit.