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  • miller 350 pipe pro

    I have some questions about the pipe pro. When I Weld pipe down hill with 6010. I have a really nice bead down to about four o'clock then it starts to flatten out. Adjusting the arc control seams to have no effect . Any suggestions
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    What size of weld cable and cable size of whips are you using..... It's a high frequency machine, and it needs to know the weld feed back at the end of the weld cable. If the whip is too small (less than 1/0) then there is no feed back, and arc control will do nothing. Same problems and tech as the Lincoln Vantages....

    Another problem is if you have your remote control on top of your work. If it's a factory remote, you really want to cut the green ground wire off the inside of it, to prevent interfereance back to your machine. Same goes if it has grinder power to it, and not using orange isolated plugs
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