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  • Newbie Miller Roughneck questions

    Hello all,

    I'm in the UK and have picked up a welder generator badged as a "Lyte Arc", some googling has lead me to believe that it's actually a Miller roughneck, however I can't find a serial number and was hoping some of you would be able to help with ID. Apologies I only have a couple of photos of the control panel, Ill get some more and post them up tomorrow

    The engine is a Koehler 12hp and the max current is 250A. The power side is labelled as 115V at 60Hz.

    Aside from ID I have a couple of other questions:

    1) Will UK made 110V tools be okay running off this generator as we generally use 50Hz rather than 60Hz?

    2) If I reduce the engine revs by the correct factor will the Hz also drop? Letting me achieve the correct frequency at the expense of some power...

    3) What types of lighting would be happy running off the connection labelled 150Vdc? Is this just rectified 115Vac?

    Many thanks


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    Well, they will run much cooler, though anything with a board will not take the extra Freq for too long will let the smoke out... Now the one labeled 150 VDC, is for some special wiring, probably powering a commercial lighting transformer, not for your average guy. Best to dismantle that feature!.


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      You say they'll run cooler at 60Hz than 50Hz? I had assumed the opposite!


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        The impedance ("AC resistance") in an electrical circuit varies directly (not inversely) with frequency. Therefore, higher frequency = higher impedance, and that in turn means less current flow and therefore less heat. There are other factors to be considered if the frequency difference is larger, but that's the nutshell reason Cruizer's statement is correct.


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          You guys were right about the tools working, turns out that almost all power tools over here are good on anything between 50 and 60 Hz.

          Have used the welder a bit and it all appears to work well, laying down decent beads right up to 250A. However I've now got issues with the engine, and whilst I realise that this is a welding forum rather than a mechanics forum I thought maybe some of you guys would have an idea. The engine starts up just fine and works well, until warm, at which point the symptoms shown in the following video occur. I have stripped and cleaned the carb, replaced the spark plug and cleaned and set the points correctly. I'm inclined to think that this is the coil but would be interested in other opinions!

          Video here:

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            Check and reset the points gap as needed. The points gap affects ignition timing and I've seen this issue make a Kohler run similar to how yours is in the video.

            You may also consider replacing the condenser that may be breaking down when heat-soaked. Condensers are usually good or no good and nothing in between but if adjusting the points doesn't correct the problem.
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