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Anybody using a Speedglas 9100XXi?

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    Smells like...victory...


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      Originally posted by ryanjones2150 View Post
      Smells like...victory...
      Didja enter...???

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        Just couldn't make it happen this year. Might go along as spectators though since I got my hands on an RV.....Buuutttt....we are starting to work on a different car....a "real" one this time.


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 Dang it.


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            If anyone is interested 3M has some upgrade deals on the 9100XXi lens. 1 yr warranty $214 and 2 yr warranty $306 with $15 for push button lens cover (3 yr warranty comes standard at a cost of around $400). If this sounds good call 3M at 1-800-328-1667, then push 3, then push 1. The only problem is that as of last week back order was 2 to 3 weeks.


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              Originally posted by TSBWeld View Post
              I know everyone has their own opinion and they may not all feel the same way I do, but, I have a 9100XX for myself and bought a brand new 9100XXi for my brother for Christmas, and I have to say, the difference is unbelievable! The colors and clarity is second to none! We get a lot of our subcontractors to try it when they come into our shop, just to see their reaction. I swipe it from him to use for myself when he's in a meeting or in the office working on a QC report.
              TSBWeld, I really like the new XXi. It really is an improvement in color and clarity. I can get the thing to switch to grinding mode with the external button but, the instructions do not outline how to program the memory mode. How on earth do you do that?


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                Great to hear you're enjoy it! Definitely going to be getting one for myself in the near future and an extra 9100XXi filter lens for my FX PAPR unit. As far as the memory mode, I'm not entirely sure. I'll do some digging and get back to you ASAP.