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Lift start technique

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  • Lift start technique

    I have a Multimatic 200, and am busy teaching myself how to weld, as I have time.

    It's time for me to try TIG, and I have a couple of questions.

    1. Using lift start on the Multimatic 200, I do not have a pedal, so I assume that I touch the tungsten to the work, and then when I lift the arc ignites. Is that correct?
    2. Does the 200 turn on the gas prior to igniting the arc?
    3. Once the arc is extinguished, does the 200 turn off the gas?
    4. Any way to control the pre/post flow?
    5. When extinguishing the arc, I have seen on videos where a "snap" or a rapid arc of the torch is used to extinguish the arc. Is that the normal technique?
    6. Why is the arc not extinguished by pulling the torch away, so that the gas continues to flood the surface and electrode?
    7. On the 200, is it possible to select between lift start and scratch start?

    Oh, I got a smaller torch, because most of the things I expect to TIG are small, and I figured it would be more maneuverable.

    Thanks in advance for your considered comments.

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    I don't have a 200, but I can't imagine my feedback will be far off...<br />
    1. You are correct. <br />
    2. On my maxstar 150sth in lift arc mode, when I touch the tungsten to the work, the gas valve automatically opens, you can here the machine ramp up and the arc initiates when you pull away. <br />
    3. Probably has a default setting for the post flow, which will be used to shield your tungsten while it cools. <br />
    4. Probably, but you'll need the manual to see if there is a way to adjust the settings. <br />
    5. Yes. <br />
    6. If you simply pull the tungsten away, the arc will lengthen and make you frown at your weld with sad eyes. Shielding the end of your weld is just tougher with lift arc. You're generally gonna have a skosh of oxidation at the end due to this problem. Generally not the end of the world. <br />
    7. No idea. Plug your serial number into the miller website and get the manual for your machine. Not sure why you'd want to use scratch start if you have lift arc function. I would imagine that you could use scratch start in stick welding mode if all you're looking to do is practice, but the gas won't turn on in stock mode and you generally just use a stick machine and a valved tig torch. Probably won't be good for the machine to scratch start with lift arc going on and it's certainly easier on your tungsten to use lift arc. <br />
    <br />
    Happy experimenting!


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      For the questions specific to the Multimatic 200

      here is the manual


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        3. Post flow setting is determined by software, and is somewhat dependent upon current flow during weld.
        4. Cannot adjust post flow.
        7. Scratch start only doable with the welder in stick mode, and bypassing the internal solenoid valve.