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Serial Number Problem, Help Please !

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  • Serial Number Problem, Help Please !

    hey guys i was wondering if i could get some help on a little problem i have. a guy contacted me through kijiji and wants to trade a miller trailblazer 300d (128 hours), brand new 300 amp wire feeder, 500 feet of new leads and some assorted rod for a turbo sled and an old f150 that i have, which sounds like a real good deal for me. he says the machine is a 2008 but when i ran the vin it came up as a 1998 ("KJ" at the start of the serial number). he swears up and down that he bought it brand new in 2008, has anyone ever heard of a serial number screwup like this or is he just not being quite honest with me ? i attached a few pix of the machine. he claims to have had it specially ordered.
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    Can he show you the original invoice? I put the serial number into the manual search and it says "Sorry, that serial number did not return an Owner's Manual. Please try again or use the model search. - See more at:" Maybe that's because it was a custom build?? I'd call Miller with the serial number.---Meltedmetal
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      The serial # search at miler is down, however that unit is a 1998. No question about that, and personally I never cared for them nor did they last long on the Miller roster. Basically not a preticularly good machine


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        KJ105829 returns a 1998 model year for me... here is the manual for that serial

        Maybe it sat in the dealers warehouse for 10 years...??

        If I am not mistaken.... the TB300D was replace by the TB301D in March of 2002... and those had serials starting with LC1100XXX

        SOooooo.... 2008 is unlikely....

        TB301D Manual

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