I'd like to try setting up remote current control on a Miller AEAD-200LE serial KB048669, for use with an HF251D
serial LB087247. There have been several threads on this topic, but all some years ago with no definitive resolution.
The most encouraging post was a note from member Weldersales saying "there's a slick way to put a remote ....."
and inviting a private message. Weldersales does not appear to be active (I've tried a PM) and I wondered if anybody
could shed some light on the situation.

The manual for the welder indicates that a remote option existed but I gather it was never common and according to
Miller4less is not available. Weldtron's website says their Pipeliner will work with the Legend NT, which appears
electrically the same as my machine, but an email inquiry produced a very prompt statement that support for the
AEAD-200LE was not available, which seems very odd. The label on the side of the machine reads "Miller The
Legend AEAD-200LE" and the schematic looks the same as the NT.

Any guidance appreciated, I'm fairly handy with analog electronics and am not at all averse to improvising something.
Neither the welder nor the HF unit contains a contactor, but with enough turn-down on the current a contactor seems

If there's something I'm missing please clue me in.

Thanks for reading an any guidance!

bob prohaska
[email protected]