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Sanitary weld equipment

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  • Sanitary weld equipment

    hi all im looking of some resources to purchase or make a few of my own sanitary welding purge plugs as well as clamping fixtures for 316L SS tube in various sizes from 1"-8".

    if anyone can help this would be greatly appreciated!!!
    PS this ASTM A380-13 requirment??? is this something that the material has already undergone or will i need to do this before i weld??? I know that i am required to pickle my welds after welding as to remove any discolouration but is it necessary to have the parts immersed for 6HRS????

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    Bump.. I'm interested to see the recommendations?


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      I've made all of my own purge stuff or back shielding doohickies. I posted a picture somewhere on this forum a while back of one of my most recent ones. I haven't the slightest idea how to find it though.