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Minimum current to power a Millermatic 252 at home.

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  • Minimum current to power a Millermatic 252 at home.

    Hi folks, im here seeking a little help. I recently acquired a barely used Millermatic 252 at an estate sale. My question is what would I need to do make this particular machine work at home, current wise. I only have a 70 amp main breaker, the panel limits my main breaker at 125amps. i don't have any major electric supplies at home, no dryer, electric oven/stove or A/C. I already have a 50am plug going to the garage with a 220v and 40 amp breaker. Would it be okay if i just run a 6awg cable in favor of the 10awg and replace the 40amp beaker with a 50amp breaker? I don't plan on maxing out the 252 any time soon, as the thickest i've weld is quarter inch. should i just have someone also replace the main breaker for a 100 amp? any help would be great.

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    According to specified ampacity in NEC Art. 310 your approach seems good assuming you use copper wire, and your garage is not hundreds of feet away. Do not increase the size of your main breaker without verifying the size / ampacity of your service entrance cable to handle the potentially increased current. Any other significant loads? Well pump, portable electric heaters, etc?


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      I agree with Aeronca41.
      I have a 100 amp service box at my house. I also have central air as well as the usual electrical appliances.
      In the shop I have a Millermatic 251, a 5HP Quincy air compressor, a Bridgeport mill and many other 220V tools.

      For the Miller 251 I simply ran #6 stranded wire from the service box to the receptacle box, a distance of about 25 feet..
      I have welded 3/8 inch steel plate resulting in spray arc application from the 251 and never had a problem.
      I also have a Dynasty 200 DX and weld 1/4 inch aluminum plate on a regular basis, again with no problem at all.

      The service coming in to my box is 3 phase and where possible I use the 3 pace to run those that apply. That is... the Bridgeport, The Dybasty, the A/C and the Quincy, Everything else is single phase 220V.
      You should have no problem at all with #6 wire.
      Dynasty 200 DX_set up on 3 phase
      Coolmate 3
      MM 251 w/ Spoolmatic 30A
      HTP 625 Micro Cut Plasma Cutter
      Victor O/A Rig
      Bridgeport Mill_3 phase (w/ Acu-Rite 4 axis DRO)
      10 inch South Bend Lathe_3 phase
      Baldor Double Cup Tool Grinder_3 phase
      Baldor 10 inch Buffer
      Rockwell 12 inch Disc Sander
      Cyclone 2ft X 3ft Bead Blast Cabinet
      Quincy 325 2stg- Air Compressor_3 phase
      Graymills Built-in Parts Washer
      Rockwell/Delta Planer, HD Shaper, Uni-Saw etc.


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        Piniongear, At the risk of hijacking Art89b's thread, I saw a photo of your cart for the Dynasty 200 and cooler in a general web search for welding carts. Do you have any other photos from different angles/sides? Looks to be one of the nicest carts I've seen and I'm thinking on building something similar. I don't have a cooler but would like to stack my Dynasty 200, powermax 45, and MM211 using the same idea. If you have any, I think there is an old welding cart thread here you could post to, or PM me. Thanks. BTW, very cool having 3-phase at home!


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          Thank you guys!! i appreciate the help!