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Red Hot Resister Problem on miller aead 200-LE

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  • Red Hot Resister Problem on miller aead 200-LE

    I put this machine back together. Maybe some wires are crossed on the resistor. Not sure why it turned red hot in one spot. Is it a bad resistor, or maybe something plugged in wrong? Can I just replace one of the two that overheated? I would like to find a schematic. I clicked on another post that had a manual link but it defaults to the main page. I do have a manual I downloaded last year but I don't see this particular resisitor anywhere. I took a few pictures to see if anything strikes out as being hooked up wrong. ​Also wondering if AIRCO could have same part with different part #'s. I found ​a miller part with an airgas part # mil008951. Same description of part. Dual adjustable 180 watt 12ohm. There is no picture shown with any suppliers. The miller part # is 052782. The Airco part made by miller is $65 and the Miller part # is $105.

    Looks like all the wires have #'s accept one. The tabs are really rusty and was hard to unplug. Appears there was possibly broken tabs and alternative ones were used in its prior history of use.

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    Determines open circuit voltage and doesn't like AC running through it


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      I ordered the replacement part. Perhaps it was getting AC feed from the outlet wires. Does anyone have a diagram showing reference to the numbered wires? I can check to make sure the numbered wires are corresponding to correct component.


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        Where can I get the wire diagram showing how each numbered wire to the panel switches, outlet, and this resistor I am replacing. I have downloaded the manual again. Diagrams don't show this detail. Does anyone have a picture they could send me showing the wire #'s used in the resistor. I don't want to ruin the replacement dual voltage resistor I am replacing. I am open to any suggestions on how to test each wire if I can not get a diagram or some pictures of the same machine. I greatly appreciate any help anyone can offer. Thank you


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          If you go to the main page then click the menu icon (upper left) you will find a SUPPORT link. Go there and enter your serial number and you should be able to find a manual with a schematic; should include wire numbers. If it's not avail on line call Miller at 920-734-9821. They are very helpful.


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            Ricknrolling, my apologies. I missed the line where you said you had already downloaded the manual. But give Miller a call and see if they can help you out.


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              Thank you.