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Need help cutting straight with porta band

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  • Need help cutting straight with porta band

    I got a new heavy duty milwaukee porta band saw and I'm having trouble cutting straight with it. I'm mostly cutting 1" and 2" lightweight angle iron and square tubing. The cut does well about three fourths through and it seems like the last quarter of the cut is when it tends to drift. Thanks for any advice or tips.

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    If all you are cutting I suggest you make yourself a stand and attach the portable saw to that.
    It will cut straight with no problem or effort on your part.

    I use mine (Makita 1207F) everyday to make small brackets using angle, channel and cut 3 inch OD DOM tubing into 6 inch lengths.
    No type of fence or miter head is required either, as the blade tracks in the cut keeping the cut straight. Just draw a straight line and cut it.
    Here is a pic I took of mine.
    I made the first stand using steel, then gave it to my neighbor and made another one using aluminum. Simple fix for that problem!
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      There is a knack to be learned here!



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        I do need to build a stand as i have been researching them to death. Its good to know that the stand helps. There are times when the cut is on a fixed object or too long to bring up to a stand , so i will need to learn to free hand the saw. Maybe some free hand master will chime in. Thanks


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          Originally posted by griff01 View Post
          There is a knack to be learned here!