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Erratic Dynasty 350 arc

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  • Erratic Dynasty 350 arc

    i have a dynasty 350 tig welder, that i am having some erratic tig arc in AC and DC mode. if i have the pedal at 90 amps, the welder will intermittently jump to 180 amps for a split second, or drop to 10 amps for a split second. It doesn't do it all the time, but fairly consistent non the less. I ran some tests in lift arc mode and it seemed to be fairly stable which makes me think maybe the potentiometer in the foot pedal is going bad? I am using a wirless foot pedal. Any input would be appreciated.

    On a side note, i had my volt meter hooked up to the main panel of my garage and the voltage drop didn't drop more than 2-4 volts. 240v single phase power.

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    Do you have a wired pedal you can try?


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      I'd try some new batteries in the pedal first
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        ya im going to try new batteries. I took the pack out and put it back in and it seemed to work for now. so i am going to put in new batteries and see how stable it is. Ill post back in a week and report if it solved the problem.