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MultiMatic 200 connection issues

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  • MultiMatic 200 connection issues

    So ive finally been able to use my welder, setup for Tig and something I noticed before starting, I check all connections and turn on gas and machine, I can weld for a bit(with very little cable moving) and when I go to weld again, I get an arc that wont stay on, I check ground and gas and everything is fine, but what I found is that my electrode negative connection was no longer secure, its come lose enough to cause the issue. I retighten and everything works fine and lasts for a bit before it comes lose again.

    Is there a trick or something to keep that connection tight all the time? I did notice that I can pull back the rubber sleeve and expose the connection, but not sure if that is recommended to tighten the connection being that is a slot and tab type connection, there is only so much you can turn and lock it into place.

    Any suggestions would be great, I don't want this to be a negative thing for me being its my first big welder purchase.

    thank you

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    Are you sticking the dinse connector in and turning it, or just sticking it in and hoping for the best?


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      I'm turning the connection until it wont anymore..


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        Tough one, guess it's a failed dise connector then, can't see it being a machine terminal. Least wise I've never heard of it,. Nor is it a service memo.


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          Can you stick weld without it coming loose on you?


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            Not sure if just been more attentive to my setup, but since this original post, i havent really had any more issues, its now become a norm for me to check connections before and during the project to insure its still secure.