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Need year id, no serial number

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  • Need year id, no serial number

    Hello guys, new to this forum, but I need some help getting my "new" Miller aead running. SN tag is not present and don't know the sn. I'm trying to id this machine so I can download a manual and start working and ordering parts for it. I've looked at google images and it appears to be in the late 80's, but I haven't seen one exactly like it. One difference I'm seeing is that most have two 220 plugs and this one appears to only have had one. The plug is not there, don't know why and I really don't need 220 volts at this time.

    Bought it cheap I think, paid $450 for it. Has leads, Engine runs but is missing a fuel pump and won't high idle when trying to strike and arc. Guy that had it said that if you manually give it gas as if the solenoid had activated it, it will arc and weld. he says he didn't weld long, just made it arc. I just got it last night and want to mess around with it today, but wanted to download a manual first. Seems like the miller site only needs an sn and only provides manuals up to 1986?

    Here are some pictures of the machine and panel..... Thanks for any help you can give me. Joe.

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    Without the s/n, you get the manual for the latest version of the machine.



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      Will, or should be a couple of serial # tags inside the machine.


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        Thanks for the help. I'll look for sn tags inside the machine once I start tearing into it.... I cleaned up the unit and got it started with a temporary tank, Gravity feed as it is missing a fuel pump. I think it takes a vacumn fuel pump, but can I find a low pressure electric fuel pump to use?

        Best I can tell this welder appears to be about 1987 model of newer. Have downloaded a Technical manual ( ) which gives me a lot of info even if it's not S/N specific. Got it started and the motor sounds great, but is not going into high idle or will arc when I try to weld. I do get a weak yellow/orange arc.

        How do I remove the gas tank to clean it out? Will I have to remove all the motor/welder assembly? Manual didn't give me this info and this picture from the Tech Manual kind of looks like I may have to pull the motor to get to it. Any help is appreciated. Thanks, Joe.