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Big 40 diesel won't idle? Any thoughts?

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  • Big 40 diesel won't idle? Any thoughts?

    Hello, I am new to this forum and it looks like a excellent resource for info. I am working on a serial "kk" yr 2000 big 40 diesel. 2 main issues are low voltage to glow plugs for warm up and it won't idle down. Traced the wire to the box that contains the circuit board but not sure if it's a component in there or something else. I have replaced the start switch and the murphy"tell tale switch"(both were faulty). Any help is greatly appreciated!

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    Check if there is a fuse in that line. I had a fuse holder go bad once and mine would not idle down. That may be a long shot but that is what I tracked my problem to.


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      Thanks, I will check that out. I know there is a fuse holder in the harness near the kick down solenoid.maybe that's it.


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        I checked that inline fuse and it was good. It is attached to the hot side of the glow plug relay from one post on the starter switch,doesn't appear to be factory installed.


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          KK is 1999, anyways, there are various wiring diagrams and engines, so sure would be nice to get the complete serial#