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  • linde Heliarc-300 help

    I bought this welder last summer at an auction for $500 assuming it worked, it has HF output only. I've fixed many welders with various issues but for this one I have no schematic, I talked to Esab and they have no info on this welder. I have power up to the SCR's, with nothing from the SCR driver board. I've been thru every component on all the boards, replaced the SCR's and any questionable board parts and I'm confident the boards, CSR's, rectifies,switches are good. I also can tell the control wiring has been rewired by the automotive style crimp on connectors. if anyone has access to a wiring diagram or schematic i would gladly pay for a copy

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    PICS of the front panel & faceplate...might help us figure out what it is and who actually made it

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      Hope to see a pic soon.


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        Click image for larger version

Name:	image_33462.jpg
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        Model # heli300
        ser# c84a-46493
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          Mogel # heli300
          ser# c84a-46493


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            updated serial number C84A-46493


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              I bet it is the current selector switch. Over time he little springs inside sack out and arcing fouls out the copper contacts. A full rebuild, refurbish of the copper contacts, and replacement of the springs was the solution for me.
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                I thought about the selector switch, if that was the case I'd still have voltage to the switch, the SCR's aren't turning on.