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Trailblazer 302 Issues

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  • Trailblazer 302 Issues

    I recently picked up a "new to me" Trailblazer 302. I have been quite happy with it, however have a few questions regarding some small issues I have discovered.

    The first issue, the hour meter does not seem to function, it only reads 1 hour and the oil change reads 99.

    The second issue is, the fuel gauge always reads full, however I can clearly see the tank is nearly empty. I am assuming this is as simple as installing a new sending unit. I have heard the tank comes quite easily out of the bottom of the machine. Upon searching for the sending unit part number, it seems to be obsolete. I have found part numbers for other sending units, but I am not sure on the tank depth/size. Where can I find this info?

    Also, is it recommended to use any special engine oil? (synthetic, semi synthetic, etc)

    Thank you in advance,

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    Flip the start handle back and forth really fast, this will reset the oil change numbers, tank sensor is likely screwed. Easy fix with a jobber or original miller


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      I will try to flip that handle back and forth and see what happens... Think this will fix issue of the true hours not being displayed?