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Syncrowave 210 Problem

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  • Syncrowave 210 Problem

    Hi, I bought a new Syncrowave 210 a couple days ago but I am running into some problems. It runs great until I either short the tungsten on accident or sometimes even just when I try to start an arc, and then it stops, let's the post flow run out, and will not start an arc again. The display is reading "SCOM SD", which according to the manual means it is losing communication between the SD board and the mother board. The manual says to shut it off and then turn it back on, and sometimes that works and it runs fine until I short it again, but sometimes it will try to start an arc, give up, and show the same reading.

    I have contacted the Miller TIG support center and their best advice was to try a software update. I did that successfully, but it seemed to get worse. His next recommendation was to send it in for warranty work. That's all fine and good if that's what it really needs, but I'm wondering if anyone else has had this problem and has any insight on an easy way to diagnose and fix this problem without me losing my welder for however long it would be gone for service. Any advice would be appreciated.